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First Round Project (The Maiden Voyage)

Tuesday, we are going to send out the test pilot postcard for our First Round Project. This brave little guy will be making the trip through our nation's postal system.  We expect it to make a safe landing in a mailbox nearby.  We'll then assess any damage from travel and record the data.

For those of you that are wondering, our First Round Project is our way of helping you do something nice for others.  

Can't get your beer without a stamp!

Can't get your beer without a stamp!

If you know someone who'd love our place and the beer we serve, you can send them a "First Round's On Me" postcard.  The postcard is then ink stamped, paper stamped and mailed for you.  Once your friend receives the postcard, they can redeem it for any draught beer from our current selection.

You don't need to know who gets this one.

You don't need to know who gets this one.

Your friend will love you for buying them a beer.  We'll think you're a little cooler than you used to be.  Everyone is happy!

We also have other flavors of postcard like "Wish You Were Beer" and "Every Journey Starts With A Single Beer".

Your beer journey is a lot more fun with friends.  Make them and keep them with our First Round Project.

(available in the tap room)