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State of the Tap Room Address

It's been a very active June here at the tap room.  As we bust in to July with the end/beginning in sight, we want to get you caught up.

When June began, this little cabin had peel and stick flooring, piles of cabinetry rubble everywhere, just one bathroom, and a ramp that had seen better days. 

The early stages of our men's room.  Just look at that boss tile.

The early stages of our men's room.  Just look at that boss tile.

In the past four weeks, we've put in new flooring that really enhances our space.  Our carpenter has delivered, and is currently installing, our new custom cabinetry, bar and drink rail.  We've also finished building our new restroom, refurbished our ramp/step, rewired, re-plumbed and several other things necessary to provide you with the highest quality beer and an environment to match.

The next few weeks will go as follows...

  • Install Fixtures
  • Stress
  • Install Refrigeration
  • Power Wash
  • Stain
  • Drink Beer
  • Plan Things
  • Drink More Beer
  • Repeat

Remeber to check us out on Facebook, Twitter (That's where announcements love to go.) and Instagram.  We're excited to finally open our, soon to be installed, front door very soon.  Hopefully, you'll join us for a pint.