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Announcement: The Worst Kept Secret Society

This project has been ongoing for months.  While we understand mug clubs and card swiping clubs at other establishments, they don't really fit us.  We prefer to keep things small and if they grow organically over time, so be it....which brings us to our latest announcement.

Announcing the Worst Kept Secret Society.

We will be accepting memberships to our club, the Worst Kept Secret Society.  The Worst Kept Secret Society will be a small group of folks that just like to hang out here and have a good time.  We have already given memberships to certain folks that played a role in the creation of this group.  Fair is fair, right?

With membership comes privileges*: 

  • Drink from your own** platinum-banded, numbered goblet when you visit the tap room
  • Entry to members-only events at the tap room
  • Early entry to select rare-beer tappings and other public events
  • Early opportunities to purchase tickets for our public events
  • Exclusive PRTR T-shirt, with a new design each year offered only to members.  The shirts will be ordered once all member's sizes are collected.
  • Additional opportunities for fun times with our members will constantly be explored.  We will not pass on a great opportunity just because it isn't on this list.

The fee for an annual membership is $50.00, renewable each year. Stop by the tap room to enroll. Be warned: there are an extremely limited number of memberships available for the society's first year.

* Subject to change
** The WKSS goblet is both the intellectual and physical property of Plank Road Tap Room.  You will receive the right to use the glass, however it does not EVER leave the tap room.  If you choose not to renew your membership, the goblet stays here.  If we're busy, cut us some slack.  You may only be able to use your goblet once that night.