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Baby, it's cold outside!

We've had a little lull in activity at the cabin recently.  Basically, it's cold and no one wants to break-down or build anything in there.

I'm excited to tell you all that the schedule has just picked up.  We will be opening sooner, rather than later.  We have a self-imposed grand opening deadline in place that's already giving me nightmares.  I'll put that date out there for you guys soon enough.

There are some things in the cabin that need to be destroyed (aggressively) to make way for our contractors.  I've been given that task and I look forward to swinging the big stick for a day or two.  I'm hoping to lock myself in there this Sunday and get this all taken care of.  I'll try to throw up another post with some pictures, assuming I don't make a trip to the E.R.  If you're driving by on Sunday afternoon, feel free to honk.  It'll make me laugh a little.