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Beer Hates Astronauts, But Loves Cheese!

Rog, our friend from Half Acre, will be out to co-host a beer and cheese pairing with Alan.  We'll be pairing four delicious Half Acre beers with four excellent cheeses provided by Preservation Wine & bread in Geneva.

We're currently designing the menu and choosing cheeses.  We do, however, know three of the four beers...

  • Pony Pilsner
  • Daisy Cutter Pale Ale
  • Beer Hates Astronauts IPA
  • Biff It Berliner Weisse

As usual, we will have a two hour reception starting at five.  Our attendees will be able to grab a beer and relax.  We will begin the event around seven and will likely be hanging out for a while after the pairing is over.

Tickets Are on sale NOW!