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Election Night: Cold Cans, Warm Hugs & A Belief That We Can All Be Friends

Bullies Aren't Leaders

Bullies Aren't Leaders

This Election Night, spend some time with Plank Road Tap Room as we celebrate some things that we should all celebrate every day that we have the opportunity to wake up and see our loved ones...love and acceptance.

While we have no desire to play political games, we are a business that is owned by a woman and a Mexican-American.  We're a place where people can meet new and very different people and, hopefully, walk away with a new friend.

We've decided to welcome everyone in to the tap room on Tuesday, November 8th to share in some cold cans filled with respect, tolerance and a really tasty golden ale from our friends at 5 Rabbit Cerveceria.  As the votes roll in, we'll be sipping on $4 Chinga tu Pelo cans and trying to talk about anything besides the election.

We're also proud to announce that our own political penguin, Otto, is throwing his proverbial hat into the ring for the 2020 election. It's never to early to start pandering for votes, right?  The first 40-ish people to come in on election day will receive an extremely limited edition Otto 2020 pin.

We've actually featured Chinga tu Pelo as our first, and only, beer of the month back in July of 2015.  If you want to know why, here's our blog post.

We hope that you're looking to find an oasis from the usual rhetoric (from both parties) on Election Night and stop in for a cold, refreshing can of Chinga tu Pelo.  If you are, we'll be here for you.