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Special Tapping: Dark Horse Zhatfig Ghastly & Homo Sapien Cherry Trip

Well, this one will be fun!  We have Jim "City Fingers" Striblen from Dark Horse coming to hang out.  We'll have Crooked Tree and Scotty Karate flowing through our taps.  We'll also be tapping a little something called Zhatfig Ghastly.  From the recon we've run, we gather that it's a pale ale brewed with chocolate, coffee, maybe even some love...we're not sure.  We hear it's delicious!  We'll start hanging out in the afternoon.  We're looking at a 6(ish) tapping of ZG.  Cheers!

Update:  Jim wanted you all to really, really love him.  He sent us a keg of Homo Sapien.  It's a deceptively clean, smooth tripel with cherries.  Let's do this!