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Oh My Gourd, It's Shaggy's Boombastic Birthday Party!

Beer is serious business, guys and gals.  We get it.  But sometimes, it's not.  Sometimes, you need an excuse to party.  Sometimes, you have to make your own excuse.


It's Shaggy's birthday...and we're going to throw him a BOOMBASTIC birthday party...with or without him!

Who's Shaggy?  First: shame on you.  Second: here, let us Google that for you.  Third: Let this totally-not-photoshopped-poorly pic help jog your memory.

Who Photoshopped this image? It Wasn't Me....

Who Photoshopped this image? It Wasn't Me....

Lucas, Kelly, and Amanda from Revolution Brewing will be here to help us celebrate the life of this icon.  Nay, this musical genius!  We'll have several incredible Rev beers on tap...and there will be cake.