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Founders Flights For Your Inner Bastard


We've grown fond of the mysterious character, whether he's a little dirty or skulking around the backwoods.

On Saturday, December 10th, we'll be showcasing four spectacular Founders beers and (GASP) encouraging you to grab a Founders flight!

Plus, the Bop Bar food truck will be out back serving their amazing Korean cuisine.

We'll be offering a hand selected flight, featuring these Founders beers:

  • Dirty Bastard
  • 2015 Backwoods Bastard
  • 2016 Backwoods Bastard
  • Nitro Breakfast Stout

Full pours will be available as well, although we encourage you to pace yourselves with the bastards, which ring in at 8.5, 11.2 & 11.6%.

Jeff from Founders will be on hand to talk beer, hydrodynamics, whatever you'd like to chat about.

We open to the public at 2 p.m.  Our #WKSS members will be admitted at noon.