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Wide Open Weekend

You all know how much we like to throw down on the weekends here at Plank Road Tap Room. Whether we have a brewery visiting, a cask tapping, or a food truck out back (or, like next Saturday, ALL THREE), we try to keep weekends interesting.

This weekend, however, is a little different. A little more...relaxed. Our food truck had to cancel due to "technical difficulties," so as we prep for our jam packed spring and summer seasons, we're going to take it easy. 

And so should you.

Grab some friends, come out, grab a beer, order a pizza or bring some grub in, and just relax. The weather should be nice enough to sit out on the porch in your hoodie. And it's a perfect weekend to introduce some friends to the place, play a round of Sorry or cards, and just hang out. 

Oh, and the beer list is looking mighty fine, too.