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Our Maine Girl Sam From Allagash Is Hanging Out [See What We Did There?]

We stole this picture from @allagashbrewing on Instagram.  Our bad.

We stole this picture from @allagashbrewing on Instagram.  Our bad.

We've been looking forward to hanging out with Allagash Brewing Company and we just set something up with our new friend, Samantha.

We floated some sweet ideas.  We landed on a date.  We decided to continue our run of long, silly, sometimes nonsensical event titles.

Here's what you need to know, for now...

  • We are going to rack up some delicious (likely beautiful, since that's their thing) beers from Allagash, including:
    • Black (Belgian-Style Stout)
    • Saison (...Saison)
    • Little Brett (Wild Ale)
    • Sixteen Counties (Belgian Pale)
    • James Bean (Bourbon Barrel-Aged Belgian Strong w/ Coffee)
    • Fluxus (Saison w/ Ginger Aged in Oak Gin Barrels)
  • The weather is looking great for the back yard. 
  • Bring food or order in. No food truck scheduled for Saturday.
  • Feel free to bring extra lawn chairs and chill in the shade. Picnic tables may fill up fast.

We'll check back in with you with some details.

Earlier Event: July 8
Food Truck: Bop Bar Korean BBQ
Later Event: July 16