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"Plank Lake: First Crack" The Premier Gala Event

A few weeks ago, Teresa & Alan had the opportunity to spend some time with Brewmaster Ryan Clooney & the rest of the Crystal Lake Brewing Crew.  From minute one they were brought in to a family atmosphere and treated like relatives from out of town.

It wasn't all hugs and high high fives.  There was work to be done.  Our mission for the day was to collaborate on a delicious IPA with coffee, roasted in-house.

Teresa dove in to the work immediately while Alan hung out and crushed some CLB Beach Blonde fresh off of the canning line.  From choosing ingredients, to mashing, to boiling, to cleaning & sanitizing, Teresa worked extremely hard.  Alan mostly crushed cans and hung out for photo ops.  

The result?  We think this IPA has a great balance, on its own.  The coffee adds another level of flavor to the beer without overwhelming the other characteristics.

Come on out and enjoy a few glasses with us on Friday, September 2nd.  We're excited to share our experiences, along with this IPA.  The good folks at CLB will be on hand to chat and toast as well.

NOTE: there's no food truck for this event, so bring your own food or order in while you're here.


Later Event: September 3
Food Truck: Rogue Curbside Kitchen