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Craft Beer Week Lecture: David Oberg's History of Beer

Join us as we welcome David Oberg to the tap room for an evening of education and tasty beverages. This lecture will be both entertaining and thought-provoking, as Mr. Oberg explores the early history of beer and ties to the rise of civilizations all over the world.

Tickets are only $10, include your first beer of the evening, and are extremely limited.

Doors open with a reception at 6pm, with the lecture beginning prompty at 7pm.

A History of Beer: Beer and civilization are deeply entwined. In fact, beer predates written language and played a critical role in early communities. Learn the fascinating history of this noble beverage, from the Ancient world to modern day with Elmhurst History Museum Executive Director Dave Oberg. Our journey starts with early Egyptian and Mesopotamian brews and follows the spread of this refreshing beverage worldwide to the dawn of the craft beer movement in modern times. You'll find beer proved crucial to the growth of culture, the spread of commerce and the health of humankind. 

Biography: Dave Oberg is the Executive Director of the Elmhurst History Museum and possesses a B.A. in History and Political Science from Rockford University and an M.A. in History, with a focus in Historical Administration from Northern Illinois University. He has worked for 29 years in the museum industry and is the author of two books about local history and numerous articles. He is also a homebrewer, craft beer enthusiast and member of the Elmhurst Craft Beer Fest planning committee.

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